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EMW’s internship program provides students with a unique, real-world experience encouraging hands-on development and management of ongoing projects in our office.

Internship Position

Social Media Intern

As part of our social media team, you will work directly with the social media director to assist with day-to-day social platform operations and brand messaging for our clients in various industries. Candidates must have an understanding of all social media platforms, an eye for graphic design, and experience with design software such as Adobe Photoshop or online design tools like Canva.

Internship Position

Web Design Intern

As part of our web design team, you will work directly with the creative director to assist with day-to-day design operations, take part in creation of new design concepts for web, and much more. Candidates must have some experience and versatility with a range of design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as a basic understanding of platforms such as WordPress.

Internship Position

Editorial Intern

As part of our editorial team, you will work directly with different departments to assist with day-to-day content operations, take part in creating unique content for web, and provide a new set of eyes on all projects. Ideal candidates possess exceptional writing and editing skills, excellent interpersonal communication skills, a knack for organization, and the drive to create well-written content for any platform.

During an internship at EMW, students will learn how digital ideas are created and executed; how to work with other team members in a collaborative and creative environment; and a social media sensibility that’s fine-tuned for the digital medium.

Ready to apply?

We offer Internships year-round and accept submissions on a regular basis. We encourage you to apply at least one month in advance of the date you would like to start. We understand that we all work best at different hours of the day. As an intern with EMW, you will have the flexibility to create your internship schedule around your school schedule.

(Note: We require all interns to receive course credit for their internship)

What do previous interns have to say about our program?

“I really enjoyed creating content for real clients and working in such an interactive, supportive environment. Kirk, Kelly and Hamza all strive to make EMW an agency that stands out from the rest, which made my experience as an intern valuable and unique. I not only had a lot of fun working at EMW, but I also gained an irreplaceable experience that will be taken with me as I pursue a career.”


“I loved my experience at EMW. It is such a fun environment and I can honestly say that I work among friends. I have created lasting relationships with my coworkers and have gained so many skills I can continue to use in my future career. This is a workplace that wants you to succeed and if you put in the work you will!”


“This company has been such a joy and adventure to work for! From watching the company grow from one to four interns, and from seeing client relations grow, I’ve learned an incredible amount. My co-workers have become family to me; they’re the people I can go to with the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Their love for life and passion for this business inspires me daily to bring my best work to the table!”


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At EMW, we deliver services around a “growth first” mentality.  Our services range from hands-on web & mobile development to routine maintenance and solutions for businesses and like-minded organizations.

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Whether you need an exquisite website, advertising, or SEO for your website, the experts at Everyman Media Works deliver it all. From initial planning to final implementation with great success, let us know what you need.

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Ready to Move Your Business Forward?

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